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Black Jack (UNO)

2-7 players

One deck excluding Jokers (a second deck could be used if you want to play with more than seven)

Set up


Deal each player five cards then place the rest of the deck in the centre and flip the top card over to start a pile.

How to Play


The youngest player starts. On your turn you place a card on the pile in the centre. In order to be able to go you must lay a card which is the same suit or the same number as the card on the top of the pile. If you cannot go then you must pick up a card from the deck and that is your turn over.


Now there are special cards in this game that have certain actions, these are:

TWO of any suit when played means the next player has to pick up two cards from the deck.( You can counter this if you also place down a two forcing the next player to pick up four).

SEVEN changes the direction of play so if you are playing clockwise then you now play in anticlockwise order.

EIGHT is miss a turn so the next players turn is skipped.

QUEEN allows you to change the suit a queen can be place on any card (so does not have to follow suit) then you place a card from your hand of the new suit on top.

BLACK JACK the jack of clubs or spades when laid forces the next player to pick up four cards.(as with twos if you place a second black jack down the next player must now pick up eight)

RED JACK can be used to combat black jacks and cancel out their effects so no one has to pick up any cards.


Each player takes it in turn to place cards until some one gets rid of all their cards you must remember to call out uno when you only have one card left otherwise you will have to pick up a card from the deck. If there are no cards left in the deck before someone gets rid of all their cards then flip the pile of cards over to form the new deck. Once a player gets rid of all their cards they are the winner and the game is over you can play this over and over again if you want e.g  best of three to find an ultimate winner.

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