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Run, King, Out

2-5 players

One deck of cards excluding the Jokers

Tokens/Poker chips/Coins (aprx 20 per player)

Set up


Deal out all the cards equally between the players, dealing one more pile than the number of players so if there are three of you playing deal four equal piles. At some point whilst dealing place one card to the side face down. Now place three cups in the centre and put the card you placed to the side face down under the middle cup (make sure no one sees what this card is.) Now distribute all the tokens equally between the players. Players must then pay in to play the game by placing a token into each cup.

How to play


Everyone looks at their hand and sorts the cards out (into suits is best.)  Now good things to have in your hand are kings or runs such as four, five ,six. The extra hand dealt belongs to the player left of the dealer on the first go they can choose to swap their hand for this one if they think it might have better cards or they can put it up for sale and other players can exchange a token for the deck.


The player who has the two of clubs starts, if it’s in the spare deck then whoever has the next lowest black card. Players then lay cards that follow on in succession for example one player lays the three and four of clubs and another player lays the 5 of clubs if no one has the next card ( the six of clubs in this case) then the player who lay the last card places their lowest red card (heart or diamond.) This would then continue, alternating between lowest red and lowest black when people can no longer lay cards.


The three cups is the centre represent different win pots so when playing if you manage to get rid of all your cards first you’ll win the out pot.

If you have a run and manage to lay those cards following on from the cards just played the then you are in contention for the run pot. The person who has the longest run wins so if you have four, five, six seven that would beat jack, queen, king however, if you only had four, five, six and someone else places jack, queen, king the higher run would win the pot. All the cards in the run must bee the same suit.

Finally there is the king pot this has a card underneath which is revealed when someone manages to go out. If you managed to lay down a king which is the same suit as that card from under the pot then you win the king pot. However, if someone else went out before you got a chance to place down your king of matching suit then no one wins the king pot that round.

The game continues for as long as you like or until someone has not got enough tokens to buy in.

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