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Ride the Bus

Multiplayer (take turns)

One deck excluding Jokers


Set up

Ride The Bus Set Up

Shuffle the cards deal fifteen cards face down to form a pyramid with five cards making up the base.

How to play


The aim is to make it to the top of the pyramid without flipping over a picture card. You'll play one at a time, someone plays someone deals. The player starts at the bottom of the pyramid and turns one card over if it is anything under a ten the player moves to the next row of cards and turn over a second card and keep moving up until you come across a picture card. 


If the player riding the bus turns over a picture card they have to start again from the bottom of the pyramid. The dealer will place a new face down card over the cards previously turned over. 


Every picture card (this also includes Aces and Tens) that the player flips over is equivalent to a gulp of their drink. You need to make it to the top of the pyramid to win and stop drinking. 

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