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4 -8 players must be an even number

One deck of cards

Pen and paper to keep score

Set up

Deal each player four cards and place the rest of the cards in a pile in the centre. Now get into pairs and create a secret signal e.g. tap the table, scratch your nose. Make sure only you and your teammate know the signal.

How to play

Four of A kind

The aim of the game is to get four cards of all the same number in your hand e.g. four aces, then signal to your teammate you have it so they can call it out and win your team the points.

IMG_0083 (1).jpg

To start any of the players flips four cards over from the deck in the centre and places them face up for everyone to see. These cards will help you to get four of a kind so if you see a card down there that will help you you can swap a card from your hand for it.  You must place the card you want to get rid of in the centre before you pick up the card you want. 

IMG_0084 (1).jpg

When no one else is switching cards with the ones in the centre they are moved to the bin (a pile to the side). Four new cards are then flipped over, this continues until someone signals their teammate that they have four of a kind. Their teammate must then spot the signal and call out "kings".

Team 1

Team 2






  • 2+ if you correctly call kings

  • 1+ if you correctly call counter kings

  • -1if you incorrectly call kings/counter kings

Now if you suspect that someone on the other team has four of a kind and is signalling to their partner you can call out "counter kings" and if you are correct you will earn some points. However if you are wrong then you will lose points. If the other team calls counter kings both teams have the chance to change their secret signal. You can play this for as long as you like or make it the first to a set number of points.

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