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3+ players

One deck or two decks for 7 + players

Set up

Deal every player four cards and then the dealer holds onto the deck and places it next to them on the table.

How to play


The aim of the game is to get four of a kind. The game starts with the dealer taking the top card from the deck into their hand and discarding a card, this card is slid across the table face down to the player on their left. The next player then picks this card up and decides whether they want it to try and make four of a kind if they keep it they must discard another card from their hand and slide it the the next player. The dealer does this with all of the deck so there should be a continuous flow of cards.  It is meant to be quite a fast game so cards should be passed on quickly.

If you manage to get four of a kind you have to puff out your cheeks like a bubble and other players must mimic this. The last player to make the bubble face loses the round. If you lose you start to spell out bubble letter by letter the first to lose enough rounds to spell out bubble loses the entire game. 

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