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2-5 Players

One deck excluding the Jokers

Set up


Deal each player three cards face down in front of them these are not to be looked at before the game starts. Then deal each player six cards for their hand these can be looked at. Each player must then select three cards from their hand to place face up on top of the three cards in front of them.

How to play


The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards including the ones that are down on the table in front of you. Players take it in turn to place a card down in the centre, the card must always be higher than the previous card placed down (suit does not matter in this game). Start with the player to the left of the dealer. Now if you cannot go then you must pick up the entire pile of cards from the centre.


Certain cards in this game are classed as magic cards and these have different actions. Twos can be played on top of any card and the next player must just lay a card higher than a two.

Tens can also be played at any point but they burn the pile (the pile is moved to the side and the cards are no longer in play). Whoever burned the pile then gets to start the new pile laying any card they would like.

Threes are invisible which means you can place them whenever but the next player must place a card higher than the card which was down before the three.

Finally when a seven is placed down the next player must lay a card lower than a seven (but only the next player after them it returns to being a higher card).


On your turn if you have multiple of the same number you can lay them down at once and if you have four of a kind a lay them all at once this will burn the pile, and you get to start the new pile. Something to remember is that Aces are the highest card in this game so if you do not have a magic card then you will have to pick up the pile when an ace is played as you cannot go any higher. You must get rid of the cards in you hand first then you can move onto your three up facing cards and finally the face down cards (blind cards). If you end up picking up cards these form you hand so you must get rid of those once again before moving onto the cards on the table in front of you. The game ends when either one player wins by getting rid of all their cards or one player loses by being the last player left with cards.

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