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Single Player

One deck excluding Jokers

Set up

Solitaire Set Up

Start by dealing seven cards is a row face down, then flip the first card over. Now place six more cards partially on top of the six remaining face down cards. Flip the second card in the second pile face up, then repeat this way of dealing the cards out until you have a face up card on every pile.


Take a look at this image for guidance. Once you have set up the cards place the rest of the deck just above your piles (on the right hand side.) 

How to play


The aim of this game is to group all the cards back into their four separate suits in order starting from Ace all the way up to King.

At the start a majority of the cards are facing down in order to reveal them you can move the top cards however, there are some rules. Firstly you can only put a card that is a different colour on top of another e.g red on black or black on red. Secondly the card must be the next number down from the one you place it on top of e.g. the seven of diamonds can be placed on the eight of clubs.


When you can no longer move any cards to reveal new ones you can start to flip cards over from the deck. To do this you flip three cards over at a time and see if you can place them anywhere, you must start with the first of the three cards. So in the image you can see that the six of spades was laid on top of the seven of diamonds, but the five of diamonds could not be placed on top of the six as there is nowhere for the four to go. The cards you cannot find a place for are put at the bottom of the deck and the next three are turned over. By moving cards to new piles you may completely clear one of the seven piles, if this happens you can start another pile in the free space however, you must start the pile with a king. 

IMG_2494 (1).jpg

If you find an Ace you can start to bring the sets back together by creating a separate Ace pile in the top left area of your set up. You can now start placing cards of the same suit on top of the ace starting with the two and going up in order. This will also allow you to reveal more cards and hopefully locate all of the aces. So as you progress you will end up with four separate ace piles.

The game is complete when you manage to rebuild all four sets from ace to king, you may find that you are unable to move any more cards to reveal the bottom ones if this happens the game is over and you can reset and try again.  

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