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2 Player

One deck and a Joker will be need at the end

Set up


Deal the deck equally between the two players, you should sit opposite one another. To start each player places five cards face down in a row in front of them, and flips the first card face up. Then place four more cards on tpo of the remaining face down cards. Next flip the top card in the the second pile face up. Keep doing this until you have a face up card on each pile (the number of cards in each pile increase by one from left to right.) 

Now if any of your cards are the same number you can group them together on one pile to reveal the cards underneath. To complete the set up each player places a card from their remaining cards face down into the centre, and puts the rest of their deck to the side.

How to play


When you are ready to start flip the two centre cards face up. The aim of the game is to get rid of all the cards in front of you by placing them onto either of the centre cards. In order to place a card it must be either one above or bellow the card which is already there. So on a Jack you could place a queen or a ten. Something to remember is that aces are both high and low in this game so they can follow on from kings and twos can also be placed on top of them. If it reaches a point where neither of you can go you each take a card from your decks and flip them over to replace the centre cards as the new top card.

With the cards in front of you there can always be up to five piles so if you manage to clear all the cards from one of your piles, you can move any card to fill the spare slot and reveal more of your face down cards. 


Speed is key in this game, you want to place all your cards down as quickly as possible. When you get down to your last five cards you can pick them up and conceal them in your hand, so your opponent does not know what your last cards are and whether you are close to wining. If you manage to get rid of all your cards you need to slap the smaller of the centre piles so you end up with less cards in your overall deck. A little tip: keep an eye on your opponent, if you see they are about to get rid of all their cards get ready to try and hit the smaller centre pile before them.


Once both players have slapped a pile ( you can switch piles if you are quick enough) you combine these cards with the rest of your deck. Then you set up for a new round, this keeps happening until one player does not have enough cards left to complete the set up. When this happens rather than having two centre piles a joker replaces one of them, if you slap the joker pile you will not have to pick up any cards so this is where someone can win the entire game.

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