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2-6 players

One deck (Jokers optional)

Set up


Deal all the cards equally between the players, you are allowed to look at your cards in this game. Now give everyone a chance to sort through their cards and organise them a bit. In this game a good way to sort cards is to group cards which are the same numbers together.

How to play


The player left of the dealer starts. They can choose to start on any number and place as many cards as they like (one -four). They place their cards face down in the centre and say out loud what they have supposedly put down e.g. two sixes. The next player going round clockwise must then lay a card or multiple cards one above or bellow the previous number so, if the first player lays a six the next player can lay a five or a seven.


Now you may find that on your turn you do not have a card that is one above or bellow the cards previously placed down. You will have to sneakily cheat by placing any card face down and say it is the card you need it to be, try not to give anything away as you do not want to get caught cheating.

If you think another player is cheating before the next player takes their turn call out "cheat" and flip over the cards they just placed down. If they were cheating ( the cards were not what they were meant to be or they snuck in an extra card) they must pick up the entire pile of cards in the centre. However, if they were in fact telling the truth the person that called out cheat must instead pick up all the cards. Whoever had to pick up all the cards gets to start and can start from any number they like. The game is won by the first player to get rid of all their cards.

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