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Ring of Fire

Multiplayer (No max)

One deck excluding Jokers


A large empty glass

Set up

Ring of Fire Set up

Deal all the cards face down in a ring and place the glass in  the centre.

How to play


Each Player takes it in turn to pick up a card. Each card has a different action:

A Waterfall – Everyone drinks  until the person who picked the card stops. 
2 is Choose – You can choose someone to drink.
is Me – You must drink.
is Wh*re – All the girls playing must drink.

5 Thumb Master- At any point whilst you are thumb master if you place your thumb on the table everyone must copy and the last person must drink. You are the thumb master until the next five is turned over.

6 is Dicks – All guys playing must drink.
is Heaven – Point your finger in the sky, whoever is last to copy must drink.
8 is Mate – Choose someone to drink with you. They are your drinking buddy and must drink whenever you do.
9 Rhyme – Pick a word  and the person next to you must say a word that rhymes with it, this keeps on going round until someone messes up they then have to drink.
10 Categories- Pick a category you go in a circle and everyone has to say a word that fits the category whoever messes up, drinks.

Jack Make a Rule – You can make up any rule that everyone has to follow. Everyone must follow this rule for the whole entire game and if you disobey you must drink.
Queen Questions – Go around in a circle and you have to keep asking questions to each other. Doesn’t matter what the question is. Whoever says something which is not a question, must drinks.
King Pour- You must pour a little of your drink into the glass that is in the middle of the table.


If someone breaks the ring of cards on their turn they must drink half the contents of the glass in the centre. The game ends when someone picks up the last king and instead of adding some alcohol to the glass in the centre they must drink the entirety of what is in the glass.

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