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Tess's Game

3-6 Players

One deck of cards excluding the Jokers


Set up


Deal every player four cards face down in front of them. Then form two rows of cards in the centre with seven cards in each row.

How to play


Start with the player left of the dealer, on your first turn you guess whether the first of your four cards is red or black . You then flip the card over to reveal if you are right or wrong. If you guess correctly you can dish out sips/ gulps of alcohol equivalent to the number on your card. So if the card flipped over is a nine you could give out all nine sips to one person or you could split them up so one person drinks five and another four. However if you get the colour wrong you must drink the equivalent number of sips to the value of the card instead.


Once all players have guessed their first card it goes back round. For the second card you must guess whether it will be higher or lower than the previous card you have flipped over. If you flip over the second card and it is the same as the one before then by default you have to drink the value of the card. If you guess correctly you once again get to dish out drinks.


For the third card players take it in turns to guess whether the card will be inside or outside the previous two cards. So for the cards above anything between a nine and a king would be inside and anything less than a nine and greater than a king would be outside. If these were your cards and you guessed outside you would be able to dish out four drinks. 


For the last card you have to guess the suit clubs, spade, hearts or diamonds. Since its very unlikely you will get the last one right lets hope you do not get an Ace as they are equal to fourteen.


Now that everyone has flipped over the cards in front of them we return to the two rows of cards in the centre. One of these row becomes the give pile and the other becomes the take pile. Flip a card over from the give pile if any of the players have the same number in front of them they flip it face down and dish out that number of drinks. Then a card is flipped over from the take pile this time if any of the players have the same number they must drink. Keep alternating between the two piles until all cards have been flipped over. Players must then count how many of their four cards are still face up whoever has the most up turned cards must Ride the Bus.

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