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2-5 Players

One deck of cards excluding Jokers

Set up


Deal all the cards evenly between the players and give everyone some time to sort their cards. ( For this game grouping cards which are the same numbers is best.)

How to play


The aim is to get rid of all your cards. The player left of the dealer starts. The first player can lay down any card, and the second player must then follow on by laying a higher card. Players keep taking turns adding increasingly higher cards until either someone places an ace or no one can go, the pile is then 'burned' (moved to the side).


Once the pile has been burned the player who placed the last card starts the new pile. Once again they can lay down whatever card they want to start. Now in this game you can also start the pile of cards by laying multiple cards  of one number such as three fives, this then means that players must follow on and lay three cards as well e.g. three sevens.  So in order to get rid of your cards you must match the number of cards that is being placed down and the card you place must be higher than the previous player. So if someone placed two jacks you could not place one ace on top to try and burn the pile you would need two aces. Now if you have multiple cards of one number you  may find that if only single cards are being placed down your double are the highest cards you have now you can choose to say you do not have anything and keep your double together or you can split them up. Just remember the aim is to get rid of all you cards so keeping the lead by burning piles will help you get rid of your cards first.

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