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3-6 players

One deck excluding the Jokers


Set up

Fuck you set up

Start by dealing cards to form a pyramid with five cards at the base as can be seen in the image to the left. Then deal every player five cards and place the rest of the deck to the side (these cards are not needed in the game).

How to play


The player left of the dealer starts by flipping over the first card at the bottom of the pyramid. They then choose someone to f*ck and say "f*ck you ...". There is then a five second count down, in that time if you have a card in your hand which is the same as the one just flipped over you can place it on top and either select someone new to f*ck or pick the same person to make them have to drink more. If a card is added the countdown starts again and the last person to be f*cked when the countdown reaches zero must drink.


The amount you have to drink is dependent on how many cards are placed down and what row of the pyramid you are on. For example one gulp per card on the bottom row two gulps per card on the second row and so on but the top card is always down your drink. Another way a player will have to down their drink is if all four of the same number cards are put on to one pile when the card is flipped over.


Everyone takes it in turn to flip over a card and call out who they want f*ck. Once the top of the pyramid is reached players count up how many cards they have left in their hands and the player with the most must Ride the Bus.

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