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Go Fish

2-6 Players

One deck excluding Jokers



Deal every player five cards, place the rest of the cards in the middle and spread them out to form your pond.

How to play


Start with the youngest player then go round clockwise. The aim of the game is to collect as many four of a kind sets as possible . On your go you ask any player you would like if they have a ... You can only ask for something you have at least one of already in your hand, for example if you have a five you can ask someone else if they have any fives. If you make a four of kind you place it down in front of you and continue with the rest of your hand.


If you have the card someone else asks you for you have to give it to them, and if you have more than one of the card they ask for such as two sevens, you must give them both. However if you do not have the card you are being asked for the you tell the player asking to "go fish", they then pick up a card from the pond. If you are told to go fish and you happen to pick up the card you were asking for then you get to pick up and additional card from the pond.

The game finishes when someone gets rid of all their cards, and whoever has the most four of a kind sets in front of them wins.

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