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Clockwork Patients

Single Player

One deck excluding the Jokers

Set Up

Give the cards a good shuffle 

Clock Patients Set up

Start by dealing all the cards to form a clock face begin at 12 and keep dealing clockwise until you are left with four cards these are positioned in the centre. Once you have done this you are ready to play.

How to Play


Flip the first of the four centre cards over and place it next to the corresponding position on the clock face. Then take a new card from the pile where you just placed the previous card and do the same as before, now just keep repeating this to try and complete the clock-face. 


As you play you will start to gather all four of some of the numbers when this happens you will find there is no card left in the corresponding pile for you to flip over so you must return to the centre cards to start again. You will also return to the centre cards if you find a king as this is where they end up. 


If you keep finding the kings you may run out of centre cards when this happens the game is lost. So to win Clock patients you need to get all the cards at the right points on the clock face before you find all the kings.   

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